Don't sell your used Overhead Crane or Hoists for a low price,  let us give you top dollar.

















 Buy or Sell Used Overhead Crane Hotline:

Phone: 979-263-5989




We buy all manufacturers of overhead cranes

Abell-Howe, Abus, Acco/Wright, Ace, Aceco, All Crane, American Crane, Anchor, Babcox-Wilcox, Chester, Checo, Chisholm Moore, Cleveland, Coffing, COH, Conco, CM, Cranemann, Crane Hoist Engineering, CraneTech, Demag, Deshazo, Detroit, Dominion, Dwight-Foote, Ederer, Electrolift, EMH, Euclid, Gaffey, General Crane Systems, General Handling, Gorbel, Halbert, Harrington, Heco-Pacific, Hedee, Hoj, Hyrda-Tech, Illinois Crane, Ingersoll-Rand, Jet, J. Herbert, Kaverit, Kito, Kone, Kranco, Landel, Louden, Lypta, Manning, Maxwell, & Moore, Morris, Munck, Norelco, North American, O'Brien, OMI, Osborn, P & H, Pentex, PHD, Podem, Product Handling Design, Progressive, Proserv, Providian, R&M, Reading, Reliable, Robbins & Myers, Saturn, Seco, Secord, Shaw-Box, Shepard Niles, Spanco, Spanmaster, Stahl, Stanspec, Street, Superior Crane, Twin City Monorail, Virginia Crane, Yale, Wazee, Whiting, Zenar


Frequently asked questions about selling your used overhead crane or hoists.

1. What type of used overhead cranes or hoists do you prefer to buy?
We buy all brand names of overhead cranes and hoists. We prefer cranes and hoists from the mid-1960s on. It is very helpful if the brand name, serial number, and drawings, and maintenance records are available.  A BIG PLUS is if the crane is still under power and can be operated.
2. How do I get paid?
We generally pay by cashiers check or bank wire.
3. Do I have to remove my used overhead crane or hoist myself?
No, we normally take the used overhead cranes or hoist down with our own crews.
4. How long does it take to remove my used overhead crane or hoist?
If someone has a crane that has to be removed immediately, we can normally move on a
jobsite in a matter of days.
5. Do you buy used overhead cranes or hoists that are already down and on the ground?
Yes, we buy cranes that are already down.
6. Do you buy Direct Current (DC) overhead cranes?
We are interested in AC cranes only. No DC overhead cranes.
7. Do you buy used overhead cranes and hoists sight unseen?
We do not buy sight unseen, however, we have made many purchases on the basis of inspection of digital photos or digital movies submitted to us via the Internet.
8. Do you buy or sell used crane runaways?
Yes, both indoor and outdoor types.

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